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Implementing Verification Age Check for Disable 2FA

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00:00 Now that we've got that utility, we're going to use that utility right here. So before even being able to get to the Disable 2FA page, we want to require that users verify or re-verify that their verification is no longer than two hours old.

00:16 And then when they actually perform the action to disable, we'll want to double check that again. So we're going to make a utility called Require Recent Verification that will use that utility should request 2FA. And if they do need to re-verify, then we'll send them over to the Verify page.

00:34 We'll have that redirect back to our Disable 2FA page so that they can say, OK, yep, I verified. Let's disable this for reals. So that is your task for this exercise. Have a good time.