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Implementing User Code Verification with TOTP

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00:00 All right, it's time to actually implement this thing. So what we're going to be doing in this step of the exercise is we need to grab the code that the user has submitted in addition to all of the other data that we have in the URL

00:14 search params to actually verify that the user is submitting the proper code. So we're going to have to look in the database for the target and type combo and then verify the one-time password that they submitted based on that config.

00:32 And so you're going to be looking in the database and then calling the verify TOTP from Epic Web Dev, from the Epic Web TOTP package. And then if it's invalid, you need to send an error back. And if it is valid, then we'll go ahead and proceed and we'll delete the verification from the database.

00:52 And we're actually taking all the verify cookie stuff that we were doing before in a sign-up page and we're moving it over to this verify route. So that stuff will be provided for you since you already did that. And so that's what we're going to be doing in this exercise. Have a good time.