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Intro to User Sessions


00:00 You see this right here that means we're logged in that's what we're going to do in this exercise We're finally doing some off stuff, but it actually is going to look a lot like what we've been doing already in fact Very very much like what we've been doing already, but we're actually going to be doing off related things So we've got a login screen

00:17 I want you to go to and in that we're going to be finding the user verifying the password that'll actually be the next exercise So we're going to ignore the password for right now And then you're going to set the user ID in the session cookie and then in the root you're going to load their ID from the session and from that you can load the actual user and

00:38 When you're all done. It should look like this, and it'll be awesome And you can even click on it, and it'll take you to their page It'll be sweet, so you're going to have a good time with this one. I promise have fun