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Disabling Two-Factor Authentication

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00:00 So this is in our disable route of our two-factor authentication stuff. And here we're going to await prisma.verification.delete and where our type is two-factor verification type. And the target is,

00:22 actually we can put this in the target type, can't we? Let's do that. And type in there and the target is the user ID, which we can get from up here. User ID and user ID. There we go. And so that's, it's as simple as that. And so now it's no longer a JK.

00:41 This is a, we actually did it. And we just say two-factor authentication has been disabled. And there you go. We could also even say the type is success. To make them feel so good about themselves for disabling two-factor auth.

01:00 Okay, so let's try that. Disable. Are you sure? I am sure. And it's disabled. Bum-ba-da-dum. And now we can go and enable it and all that good stuff. So that is deleting two-factor authentication. It's really just a matter of deleting the verification and the way that we have everything else set up, that takes care of it.

01:20 We don't have to update the user record or anything like that. We just delete the verification. There you go.