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Intro to Reset Password

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00:00 We're going to reset the password. This is going to be a little bit anticlimactic. The biggest part of this is actually just reusing the verification flow that we already did and adding or using some improved utilities that have been put together for us by Kelly, the coworker. So you've already done all of the stuff

00:19 with the onboarding verification and all of that stuff. We're just going to be reusing some of that. And Kelly moved some things around to make it easier for you to work with some of those utilities and add more and more verifications, which we will be doing. So reset password is the first of those.

00:37 So if I forgot my password, then I'm going to go in here and I'm going to say, here's my username or my email. And that's going to send me through the verification process. So if I take a look at my terminal output, then I'm going to get that code. I'm going to paste it in here. And then I'm going to be able to reset my password. So Cody loves you.

00:56 Cody loves you. That is the original password. I'd already changed it. So I'm changing it back. Now it will reset password. That'll send me to the login screen. Cody, Cody loves, yeah, Cody loves you. There we go. And I can log in with that new updated password. So the biggest part of all of this is going

01:14 to demonstrate some of those new and improved utilities and also just updating user's password. We're going to take a look at that as well. So yeah, like I said, it's going to be a little bit anachronistic. But there's still plenty of work to do for sure. And I want you to spend a little bit of time learning about the utilities because you are going to be using those

01:34 for whatever verifications that you do. But yeah, we're just kind of doing some more of the same stuff that we've done already. So have a good time with it.