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Managing Redirects in Forms and Handling Cookies for Persistent Navigation

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00:00 Right now, we've got a redirect to in the URL. If I come over here and take a look at our form, let's get ourselves a little bit more room, then this form has a redirect to right here, it's hidden settings and slash profile. However, that is not the case for this form, which is completely different form.

00:19 It just has the button and nothing else. So we need to add a redirect to so that the action that handles this form submission can put that redirect to in a cookie to persist that for that whole flow. And then when we're done with the flow, we grab that value and redirect the user where they want to go. So our first step here is to put that

00:39 in this particular component. You're going to have to update the component. You also have to update where we're using the component. And for the create account page, the signup page, this also needs to handle this redirect to as well. So get on that and let's have a good time doing it.