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Intro to Redirect Cookie

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00:00 For this exercise, we're going to add the redirect cookie. Now, you might be saying, Kent, we already did redirect. We have this support where you can say settings profile, and then it says login, redirect to all that stuff like that all works right now. But it doesn't work with the login with GitHub. The challenge here is that we can't just use

00:19 the login URL query param because we're going off-site and then coming back, and so we lose that. We need to have some persistent storage. There are a couple of things we need to do in this exercise. First, we need to take that redirect to and pass it down to this form because that's different from this form. We got two forms going on here. So we're going to pass the redirect to on this form,

00:39 and then that will send it over to the action. Then the action needs to save that in a cookie, and then the callback needs to read that from the cookie so that we can send them to the right place. And that's it. And when you're all done, you should be able to go login with GitHub, and it will take you to the place you were trying to go. That is it. So have a good time with the redirect cookie.