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Handling Connection Errors and Duplication in Account Management

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00:00 Our users have this Manage Connections page that will show all of the connections that they have in their account. If we try to connect with GitHub to an existing connection, then that's going to be a problem. Let's say we already have a connection for Kodi right here. If we try to connect with GitHub again with that same thing,

00:19 then that's just not going to work. So we want to display a connection error, just say like, hey, that doesn't work. Or if we're signed in as a different user and try to connect with the same account as another user, that's also going to be a problem. Because there can only be one connection for a given account,

00:36 and that provider ID is unique. So your job in this one is to give me an error if I try to connect with GitHub with the same account.