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Building a Profile Page

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00:00 We've got this edit profile page that allows us to make changes to our profile. We can change our profile picture, we can change our name and save that. We can change our password and we can even download our data. So there we go, I already did it.

00:17 We can download our user data. So all sorts of cool things and then of course delete all your data. Now we can delete ourselves which I'm not going to do right now. So all of this is working great except not for you because I've already finished this task. Your job is to finish the task.

00:37 Before you're finished, it will look a little bit more like this. 404 user not found. So you've got to build a utility that will allow us to see these pages. We need to be able to retrieve the user's ID and not just to get user ID, which we're doing in the root, but actually require the user ID.

00:55 So that way if the user ID is not available, we throw them over to the login. So they have to log in first and then they can come back. So that is your task for this one. Have a good time.