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Testing the OAuth Flow with GitHub Authentication

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00:00 So now we're going to test the actual auth flow. And so if you created a OAuth application in GitHub, you should actually be able to test the auth flow in this exercise once we're finished. So you're going to go to the auth GitHub callback route that Kelly put together for us and fill in a couple of things

00:17 in there to authenticate using the RemixAuthenticator, the RemixAuthAuthenticator object that we just created. And then we're also going to go to the regular GitHub URL and use the authenticator there as well. So the flow is kind of like, here I'm on my login page.

00:36 I click the button that takes me over to this page. That's going to see, am I already authenticated? Have I already given permission, all that stuff? If I haven't, then it's going to send me through the callback URL, or after it's finished doing that check, it's going to send me to the callback URL.

00:53 And so that's the typical flow for OAuth 2 that we're going to be testing out in this one. We're not going to actually get to logging the user in quite yet, we've got more stuff to do, but you can go ahead and log the result of doing this authenticator process so that you can see that things are working

01:12 the way that they should be. So have a good time with this one and we'll see you when you're finished.