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Proactive Session Management

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00:00 So the entire purpose of doing Manage Sessions is so that we can delete them programmatically or proactively. And so if we go to our profile page right down here, we've got this new section that Kelly put together for us. This is your only session is what it says now.

00:20 But if we have multiple sessions, then that will show how many sessions we have and give us an option to delete all of the other sessions. So that way we can log out of the library that we forgot to log out of proactively. So that is your task for this exercise is make this a button that can actually delete other sessions. The way that you can test that

00:40 is open up the same page in incognito and sign in. And let's see, Cody loves you. You gotta type it right, Cody loves you. There we go. And then we come down here. You should be able, once you have two tabs logged in or two instances of the browser logged in,

00:58 then you should be able to see how many sessions you have and log out of the other ones. And then whichever one you click the button on, that one should stay logged in. The other ones should now be logged out. And so you just hit refresh and you'll be kicked to the homepage or to the login page. So that is what your task is. Have a good time.