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Managing User Sessions and Allowing Data Downloads

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00:00 So let's get started with sessions. The first thing we're going to need to do is update the database, because now instead of storing the user ID in a cookie, we're going to store it in a session object in the database, and that way we can manage those sessions ourselves. We're also going to update the download user data

00:16 so that the user can download their sessions, because why not? Let the user download all of their data, including their sessions. There's not a lot of data in there, but maybe they want it. So with that, I think you have everything you need to get going. You will not be seeding the database with sessions.

00:34 That doesn't really make sense because that session ID needs to be communicated through a cookie in the browser. So I don't know how you would make use of any of those sessions that are seeded in the database. But yeah, we're just going to create the session in the database, and then update the download user data so that they can download their sessions. So have a good time.