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Intro to Managed Sessions

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00:00 In this exercise, we're going to be adding a sweet new feature that allows users to sign out of other sessions. So they'll be logged into multiple computers or multiple devices on their phone and everything, and then they find out, oh yeah, like that was a public library. I need to be signed out, but I can't get back to the library for some reason. So this would allow them to sign out of

00:19 that session proactively so that the library is no longer signed in. And yeah, so I've got signed in into this incognito window, and I've got signed in over here. I click on sign out of one other sessions, I am sure, and then I come over here and I'm no longer logged in. That's

00:36 the idea, but it requires adding some data to the database and a couple of changes because now we're doing managed sessions. We're able to proactively delete stuff. It's just not a thing that cookies or browsers allow you to do. So that is your task for this exercise. I think you're going to have a

00:52 great time with this one. It's a pretty cool use case. So yeah, go forth and have fun.