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Securing UI Elements

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00:00 Now that we can be logged in as somebody, and like legit logged in as somebody, it makes a lot of sense for us to have this new note button and the delete and edit buttons on our own stuff, but not on other people's stuff. That wouldn't make any sense to see that at all. The new note, that doesn't make sense. I shouldn't be able to make a new note on somebody

00:18 else's profile. So you're going to be making some utilities to make it easy to hide these different UI elements so that we only see it on our own profile and we don't see it on other people's notes. And then in a future exercise, we're actually going to lock the API endpoints down

00:35 as well so that you can't, you legitimately can't create those things. But for this step, we're just doing the UI portion of that. Have a good time.