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Implementing Two-Factor Authentication Verification

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00:00 For this exercise, your job is to make it so that this enable 2FA button actually creates a two-factor authentication verification. So this is a little bit kind of weird, but what we're going to do is make a verification that we'll be able to use on this page. And once we verify this, then that

00:18 turns it into a actual two-factor authentication verification. So we're going to have a 2FA verify verification type, and then we'll have a 2FA verification type. So it'll be kind of like a temporary verification type. And the purpose of that is just to make sure

00:34 that the user has their two-factor auth thing set up properly so that they can actually enter codes in the future. So we want to verify their two-factor authentication verification code. So it's a little bit kind of mind-bendy, but your job right here, though, is just

00:53 to make it so that when I click on Enable 2FA, it creates that verify verification. And then we'll move on from there.