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Generating Two-Factor Authentication Codes and QR Codes

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00:00 So we are generating the two-factor authentication verification code here, but we need to give the user an easy way to add this to their two-factor authentication app. So whatever tool they're using to generate one-time passwords. Lots of those tools will allow for taking a screenshot of a QR code

00:18 or use the camera app and take the QR code so that it just inserts for them. But you always want to make sure that you include some text, the actual URI that represents that secret and the two-factor authentication URI

00:37 so that you can copy and paste that if you need to in some situations that's necessary. So we're going to have to generate what's called the auth URI and then you'll generate a QR code based on that.

00:53 We have a library for doing that and display the auth URI right there in line as well. So the UI is all built for you. Your job is just to go retrieve the verification configuration and generate the auth URI using Epic Web TOTP

01:12 and then you can feed that into the QR code library and display this onto the page. So that's your job for this one. Have a good time.