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Integrating Email Services

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00:00 We're going to start sending emails, so you're going to need to add API key for the resend service. We're definitely using a service for this, and we're going to add some integration code for actually sending emails. We'll just have a simple send email function. So you're going to be implementing the guts of that,

00:19 and we're also going to need to make sure that our environment variables available everywhere. So yeah, with that, we'll also want to actually start sending an email just to experiment with it, make sure that the emails do get sent. You will probably run into an error unless you

00:37 do sign up for resend and use a real key. That will not be necessary in this workshop. You don't have to actually use the real key. So we're going to, in the next step, add some mocks so that we don't have to send real emails during development. You don't want to do that anyway. We'll talk about that some more later. So for right now, you're just going to be

00:56 setting up the environment variables and setting up the send email function. So have a good time with that. We'll see you when you're done.