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User Verification Emails

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00:00 Let's go over to sign up, and we'll come right here. And instead of this nonsense response that we're just hard coding, we're going to await send email from our utility there. And two will be the email address that the user entered. We've got a honeypot on here, so I feel pretty confident that this will be an actual user trying to send an email.

00:19 Our subject can be whatever, our text can be whatever. It's really not a huge deal right now what the actual email contents say. So with that, we should be good to go. Let's save that, we'll say henna at example.com. And boom, we get redirected to onboarding,

00:38 and we get our email right here. Now, getting redirected to onboarding is not the final form here, because we need to first verify the user owns the email before we allow them to onboard. But that should give us a pretty good idea of the flow for now.

00:56 So we get our mocked email contents in the terminal, we get our email sent right here, so we're in a pretty good place.