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00:00 Connection management. So we're going to just do a couple of things here to make managing user connections a little bit better. So First we're going to manage What happens if a user logs in with github and we see that the profile email? Matches the email address of a user we already have in our database

00:20 We should probably just make the connection and let the user in And so that that is one situation like because the whole point of this login process is We want to verify that the user owns the email. That's like their their primary ownership thing that they've got and so If those two things match then the user owns that email they should own this account as well. So that is

00:41 One thing we're going to do and then this the next is on this connections page We should be able to connect multiple accounts and as many as we want to so if the user is logged in You know, they've in Google like I've got a who knows how many accounts too many probably but

00:56 the user goes over there and they say I want to connect this account and so they should be able to do that and We just add another connection to them. And then of course they can delete these connections as they so please as well So that's what you're going to be doing in this exercise. It should be a lot of fun and we'll see you in this exercise