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Connecting Website and GitHub Accounts

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00:00 Let's say that we've got a user on our website and they want to connect their GitHub account. So the website account is cody at kcd.dev and the GitHub user is also cody at kcd.dev. Connecting those accounts could probably happen as part of the login process, right?

00:18 It would make sense if they have ownership of both of those accounts, then let's hit login with GitHub and oh, we've already got an email or a user with that email. Let's just connect their accounts and log them in. So for this exercise, if we look at our data DB, we'll look at our connection and we don't have any connections. That's because we updated our cdts

00:37 to not actually create that connection. So just temporarily for this exercise, Cody does not have a connection, but we are still creating a GitHub user with a primary address that matches the address of our Cody user in our database. And that's the GitHub user we're going to use

00:57 in this exercise. So when I click on login with GitHub, it's going to use that GitHub user and your job is to make it so that clicking on that will link those accounts and then log the user in without having to do anything else that's extra. So have a good time with that and we'll see you when you're done.