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Adding Multiple GitHub Connections to User Accounts

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00:00 It's totally reasonable for a user to have multiple accounts that they want to connect, so they can log in with whichever account they're logged in at at the time. We have our connections page that allows multiple GitHub connections. What your job in this exercise is

00:17 to support that in our connection callback. The one thing that I will call out specifically is in our providers GitHub server where we have our handle mock action to test this out. You can change this to whatever you want. It could be Kodi underscore two or three or whatever. That way, every time you change this,

00:35 our mocks will give back a new GitHub user, so you can add as many of these GitHub connections as you so choose. With that, you should have everything that you need. You basically, if the user's logged in and this is not connected to anybody else, then make the connection and let them know that it was successful.

00:53 That's it. Have a good time.