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Implementing Email Verification for Changing Email Addresses

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00:00 our profile has this change email and so we can change our email to kody at example.com send confirmation and kablooey we can't find this page because you need to implement this we need to implement the prepare verification all this other

00:17 stuff so you need to prepare for verification send the email and when they confirm the email then we're going to handle that verification to allow the user to make this change to their email address so you're going to be working in the profile change email route as well as the verify route just slightly to in the verify route we're

00:37 going to add the new type for changing email and in our switch statement we just add another case for handle change email verification and then from there we do lots of the same stuff that we've been doing for all these verifications but this one is uh you know there's there's a little bit

00:54 to it so um have a good time with it