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Git Help Options

The most important Git command that you can learn is git help.

Running git help with no options will give you a great summary of the git command along with several sections for common commands:

usage: git [-v | --version] [-h | --help] [-C <path>] [-c <name>=<value>]

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00:00 The most important git command that you can learn is help running. Get help with no options. We'll give you a great summary of the command. That's even nicely divided into sections for every day, get versus collaboration. At the bottom of the help summary, you'll see two additional commands that are extremely helpful.

00:18 When we run git help G we had a list of really cool tutorials. One of my favorites is every day. Get a useful, minimal set of commands for every day. There was another command, get help a, this command lists all of the sub commands that you can run help on to see the list, just keep hitting

00:36 space or search it by typing the forward slash key, typing your query and hitting. Enter use shift N to go back and N to go forward. Q to quit. Finally, we can use get help with our sub command name to get instructions for that sub command. Space will scroll you down.

00:56 Arrow keys will move you up and down. Q to quit.