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Creating a Git Repository with `git init`

git init is the command used to create a new git repository. To initialize a repository in a new directory, provide an optional path:

git init my-git-notes

Move into the directory with cd my-git-notes, then run ls and see that the directory appears empty.

However, running `ls -a

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00:00 Git init is how you create git repositories. Provide an optional path, my git notes, to initialize that repository in a new directory. cd into the new git repository and run ls to see that it is in fact empty.

00:16 Now run ls with the a option to see that there's one hidden directory. Let's take a look inside of that ls again for that .git directory. This .git hidden directory with these nested folders and files is what makes this boring

00:32 system directory into a git repository. For additional git init options type git help init.