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Understanding Code with AI

AI assistants are great for helping you understand code that you may not understand in your codebase. They can provide valuable insights and explanations, helping to clear up confusion or misunderstandings.

For example, a learner in a recent Epic Web Workshop had some questions about a particular p

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00:00 AI assistants can help you understand code that you may not understand in your codebase. And that's the case here. We had one learner from one of the Epic Web Workshops who was a little confused about this code, and so he sent me a question. I just shared the question and the code with an AI assistant and got an awesome answer.

00:20 So let me show you how that works. We're going to highlight the code right here. We're going to open a quick chat, and I'm just going to paste the question that they gave me about this code. So they were confused about whether or not this allowed anybody to delete anybody's notes,

00:35 and so we're just throwing that question at the AI assistant, and then we can read the explanation here. So I pretty much always just go straight to AI assistants when I'm trying to understand something before I go to regular humans these days. Sorry, Stack Overflow.

00:52 And this helps me understand the code that I'm unfamiliar with, or it also helps me to identify bugs. I'll just say, "Hey, is there a bug in here? Are there cases that I'm not thinking about?" Helps a great deal. AI assistants are really good at helping you understand code.