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AI-Driven Debugging - Deciphering Errors

When it comes to debugging, AI assistants are invaluable for deciphering error messages in the development process and even in production logs.

When you see an error message in the log, copy and paste it into the AI chat.

The assistant will reply with several possible causes for the error.

For ex

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00:00 Something I use AI for a lot is helping me decipher error messages that I'm getting locally while developing or even in production with the logs that I see. So I had a production issue on my personal site and what I'm gonna say is I got the following error.

00:18 My database is SQLite and here's the error that I just pasted from my logs that I got a while ago and I want it to explain to me what's going on with these logs. I have no idea what could be causing this particular error,

00:36 specifically it's error or missing database. Like what the heck? And I looked into that and it does have a database. What's going on? So then this can tell me, oh, this could be for these couple of reasons and now I can dive into those different reasons. So this is a recurring theme with AI

00:53 is that it gives you someone that has a broad knowledge of things that may not have things like perfectly understood in depth yet, but it has a really broad knowledge. So it can give you a bunch of different options of things that you might not have thought about.

01:09 And in fact, this did give me a good direction to go to, to finally ultimately solve this particular error. But that is something that I do a lot is if you run into an error and you're not sure just from the error, what the problem could be, whether that be during development

01:27 or in your production logs, then giving that to an AI assistant to give you some options of different troubleshooting that you can, steps that you can take can be really helpful in guiding you to the right answer or at least trying some things before you start talking to a human and using up their time.

01:46 So that is using AI to help you understand errors.