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Lina Mahrouch

Frontend Software Engineer

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  • Thursday, 4:35 PM4:55 PM
    Things You Probably Didn't Know About Remix


Frontend Software Engineer @Bell and Tech Enthusiast. Passionate about coding and video games, I embrace challenges and constantly explore new tech frontiers. Committed to community engagement, I share my experiences and insights through public speaking, overcoming social anxiety and forging meaningful connections in the tech world :)


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Hello everybody, I am super super excited to actually this is my first time meeting Lena Virtually, and I'm super excited to meet Lena in person on April 11th for epic webconf and Lena I'd love it if you could introduce yourself to

The folks watching so that they get to know you a little bit before the conference. Yeah, sure Hello, my name is Tina and I was a station here really working at balance in Asia So when I'm not working, I usually play video games Work on site project that I post on Twitter or I also enjoy playing tennis and soccer with my friends

By the way used to be a professional baller player that I just decided to take a break this year since I have a lot of things going on like building really exciting projects using remix and Italian conferences Wow Done quite a bit That is cool

Professional did you say a professional soccer player? No, well, it's player. It's a video game. Oh Okay Okay, cool. Interesting. I so I actually am not familiar with that video game Is that the primary game that you play or do you play all kinds? I?

Mainly play FPS games and like FIFA and other like sorry games as well Cool well, that's fun. Yeah, I Only recently got back into video games. I was really big in as a teenager and then started playing a little bit more when Tears of the Kingdom was coming out and I said, yeah, I kind of would like to get back into Legend of Zelda stuff

and so I replayed Ocarina of Time on the switch and that was that was a throwback and then played Breath of the Wild and then Tears of the Kingdom So I am definitely a Legend of Zelda and that's as far as my video games go these days But yeah, that's cool. That's fun that you

know actually as I have been perusing your Social media and stuff to get to know you a little bit before this call It's very much a part of your personality and who you are and what you enjoy doing. So that's that's a lot of fun So with You said you're doing a lot of stuff with remix. What exactly are you using remix for?

Well, I'm using remix for built-in full-stack applications I usually I used to work in a fintech Environment like in a fintech company like it was a banking It was a banking company, you know as a bank. So I was using remix for for making full-stack application

Building really interesting products for for intelligent purposes Hmm cool and and now are for your full-time work. Are you still using remix or is it just for this? I just I just got a new job offer

so I'm just searching like as a new job and I'm gonna be using you and not remix because it's really hard to get like Jobs, where are you gonna be using remix? Yeah In my previous job. I was using remix just because I had the chance to choose whatever stack I

Would love to like to use so that's why I had to choose remix because I really love it Awesome and and your talk is going to be about remix you're Gonna be giving some tips of things that developers might not know Can you give us a little preview of what you're planning on talking about?

Yeah, so I'm gonna be like doing a weird story about how I found out like about remix So I thought about remix two years ago I was going down YouTube and I found found out fireship the youtubers talking about remix So I found out that it was really interesting. So I want to learn more about it and I had

I had to go and read a documentation. I was really flabbergasted by the amount of information I had to go from the documentation. I want to know more about it, but I'd find a lot of resources a lot of tutorials So I thought I can't read it I guess it's a kid, right? Yes. Yes. I had to subscribe and

Just learn about remix and that's where I found a lot of interesting things about it and how to build full stack application How it's following with standards and it's really incredible like the things I've been building from from like one year and a half though

So that's why I've decided to to like make a session about remix is because While I was like making projects and side projects and posted them on X Twitter. I found a lot of Misunderstanding about like really Misunderstanding about things like that we use in remix. So

That's why I have decided to do this talk. So it's gonna be about It's gonna be a beginner to intermediate to expert level So it's gonna be like about how to utilize route loaders actions or to revalidation Format forms how to how to make forms, etc

Yeah that data loaded caching SEO simulation, etc, so I'm just gonna be Like giving tips and sharing some real-life Projects that I've been and that's all Awesome. Oh good. I'm looking forward to seeing your talk and and

The examples that you share and stuff. I think remix has definitely reached to that point where? The the team can't manage Making sure everybody understands how things were intended to be used and people are abusing things and you know Basically remix is hitting the real world

And so it's very helpful to have people come in and say here's some common mistakes that people are making and things that you can Do to improve your remix apps? Very cool. So while we're at the conference the the Like we actually spend a lot of time

Not in the talks. So we have extended breaks so that people will be able to talk with The speakers and with each other and things and so I'm sure there are people who are going to want to come and meet you And chat with you. So what are some of the things that you would love to chat with people about? Well, first of all, you just talked about like the conference

I want to say something that I really believe in is that I want to share how valuable and meetups and conferences can be because my first job I get there from attending to Conferences. The first one was a Google developer Conference and I landed my first job because I was a speaker there even though it didn't went great

But I I got a lot of job offers after it. So it's really important if you like trying to network with our people with other other talented speakers, so that's really great and Really looking forward to be there. Mm-hmm. I 100% agree with you I also got a job based on a relationship that I made when I was at a conference

Mine was react rally. I think the first year they held react rally and I met who someone who was would be my co-worker at PayPal while I was at that conference and started a relationship there and then we kept in touch on Twitter and

Yeah, then I ended up getting a job at PayPal through that relationship So I am super super agree that speaking at conferences and attending conferences It's very useful that that actually that was I was just an attendee at that conference. I wasn't even speaking So even just being an attendee and being active in talking with other people at the event

I can make a really big impact on your career So so is there any topic that you're hoping to talk with other attendees at the conference then? Yeah, probably I don't know maybe I don't know if the oldest speaker is gonna be talking about remix But I'm kind of looking forward to talk about other topics as well

Like everything related to front-end development AI as well. I'm really I'm really passionate about AI So I would love to meet other attendees or other speakers that are going to be talking about this. So yeah Cool. Cool. Yeah, we are going to have some AI representation there for sure because that is that's the future

Or the present even like that is an important part of Our aspect of what it's like to develop a software in this day. So Exciting stuff. Have you ever been to Utah before? If in fact I've never known that my background image like on my Mac was was in Utah

Okay, that's great Awesome. Yeah. Well Park City is beautiful and We have we're gonna be at the base of some beautiful mountains and there will probably be snow on top of the mountains It'll just look amazing. So Yes, I'm looking forward to having you there I think it's gonna be a lot of fun and

yeah, I hope that other folks will come and get to know you and That we can build lasting relationships, so Thank you so much Lina for taking some time to chat with me today And yeah, we'll see you all on April 11th and Park City at epic webconf. Yeah, everyone. Goodbye