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Intro to Web Application Testing Workshop

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00:00 It is time to do testing! Woohoo! Testing is great! Okay, maybe I'm overdoing it a little bit, but I really do enjoy testing. When you've got your tools set up in the right way, and you have the utilities all ready to go, it's actually quite nice to test.

00:18 And so we're going to be covering a ton of stuff. We've got end-to-end tests with Playwright, and this testing environment is pretty sick, I must say. And so you can go through and see all the steps that are happening in every one of these tests. We're going to be doing authenticated tests.

00:35 This is a two-factor auth test that goes through the whole two-factor auth flow. And we're going to be doing this search from the home page, and a bunch of really cool things. We're creating users and destroying users, all that stuff, as a part of all of these end-to-end tests. But then on the other end of it, we've got our lower-level tests.

00:53 So we've got unit tests and integration tests. We're even creating a test database that is seeded and everything. But we've got really low-level tests, and we've got really higher-level tests, really complicated tests. It's going to be awesome. We're testing some really good stuff in here. So we'll be doing HTTP mocks.

01:11 We'll be doing function mocks, and doing one-off HTTP mocks for testing edge cases, even creating custom assertions. We're going to be covering that, too. So just a ton of really awesome stuff that you can look forward to in this workshop. I can't wait to get started. So I'm not going to. See you in the workshop.