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Form Data Parsing with Conform


00:00 Doing this is not my favorite thing Turning our form data into an object that we can then pass to the note editor schema and all of that in this form That's not a huge deal. And in fact in simple forms, we can do something like this. Here's my form Yeah form body

00:18 Or form objects and you say form or object from entries and now you've got that object and so we could do that And that'll work for simple forms, but I don't really like that I would really prefer to have some utility that can just take the form data object and parse it with a

00:36 Given schema and that is one of the things that conform can do for us We're going to bring conform in not just for this I don't think it would be worth it if that's all it did It also gives us a lot of really awesome utilities for our UI as well And so we're going to bring in conform We're going to apply this server-side logic to it and then in future steps

00:56 We will add some of the UI stuff to that conform kind of does a lot of stuff for us that we don't have to Do ourselves so conform is fabulous. I am excited for you to start using it. Let's get going