Current section: Introduction to Workshop 1 exercises

Intro to Professional Web Forms Workshop


00:00 Welcome to the Professional Web Forms Workshop. Congratulations on making it here. I'm excited for the cool things that we're going to be building together. Let's take a look at a couple of those things. So if we go to Users, Kodi, then we still have our Kodi route, and we've got all these notes. But we also have an image upload component.

00:18 So you can actually upload images, and it's going to be awesome. You want to give proper alt text. So like, illustration of koalas cuddling. There you go. That's proper alt text. But you can add multiple of them. You can remove them, all of that stuff, and submit. Everything is persisted. All these things are awesome.

00:37 And we are going to not only enhance it with additional fields, but also we're going to validate user input and display error messages. So if I get rid of the title, for example, and hit Submit, then I'm going to get this required thing right here. And we're going to actually go really deep on some accessibility stuff.

00:56 Accessibility is a pretty big topic, but we'll get quite a bit of it as far as it comes down to forms, web forms. We're going to be validating stuff with our schemas to make it really, actually, a joy to work with this stuff. And it's going to be progressively enhanced and fully type safe, front to back.

01:15 It's amazing. Like I showed, we're going to do uploading files to a server and managing form submissions of complex data structures. We've got multiple of these. You can have as many of these things as you want. These are fields that are associated together. So it's kind of like an array of objects is kind of what we're doing here. But forms are kind of funny in that you can't really

01:35 do arrays of objects in forms. So we're going to figure out how to work around that. We're also going to protect our forms with a honeypot. What is a honeypot? Well, you're going to find out in this workshop. And we're also protecting our users with CSRF tokens. So you're not sending money to Rick Astley or something. And then we're going to protect ourselves with rate limiting

01:54 so that we can't have nefarious actors trying to guess our users' passwords or sending a bajillion emails or whatever. So it's going to be a really good time. I think you're going to love it. And I'm so happy that you're here. So stick around. Have a good time. And you're going to do awesome. Well done.