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Honeypots for Form Security


00:00 There are more features that the Honeypot utility can give us, but we need to send some data from the server onto the client. We're also going to want to have this applied to all Honeypots in all forms on our website. We don't want to have to do this from the server to the client for every single one of the Honeypots.

00:18 What we're going to do is do this one time in our root, in that root loader, and then we'll have a provider that provides those values, and then the Honeypot inputs will look for that provider and use those values and render the proper inputs for us. Specifically, what we're going to be supporting by the end of

00:36 this exercise is the ability to have the valid from a field. That will check to make sure that the user isn't submitting the form too quickly as fast as a bot would. That's what we're going to be doing in this exercise. Get ready, get set, go.