Current section: Honeypot 6 exercises

Honeypot Protection with `remix-utils`


00:00 Doing things manually the way that we're doing right now is probably not the best. As these spam bots evolve and everything, it'd be nice to kind of get automatic updates to our Honeypot stuff. So we're going to use a utility for this, and the utility we're using is RemixUtils. It has a Honeypot utility for us.

00:17 And so you're going to be using that both on the client side and in the UI with Honeypot inputs component, as well as on the server side, we're going to create a Honeypot class that we're going to use to configure the way our Honeypot works. And then we can use that to check our Honeypot.

00:34 So go forth and implement the Honeypot utility from RemixUtils.