Current section: Honeypot 6 exercises

Adding a Honeypot to Protect Against Spam Bots


00:00 On our signup page, we want to add a honeypot so that random spam bots can't just fill in the email and have us sending emails to a bunch of people all over the place to get them to sign up for our service. That would be really bad for the people, would be super annoying for them, really bad for

00:15 us because we would get marked as spam and then our deliverability would be bad, all of that stuff. So for that reason, we need to have an input that only a bot would fill out on here. So you're going to need to add an input and then make it hidden so that regular users can't accidentally fill it in

00:35 and then also check it on the server to see if it was filled in, then we know it was a bot and we will not actually process the signup. We haven't actually implemented signup yet and we'll get to that at a future workshop, but yeah, we're going to be doing some stuff with forms so that's why

00:51 we're doing honeypot right here on this new signup page. So go ahead and fill that in. We've got a little bit of extra credit there for you too. The emoji will guide you. Have a good time!