Current section: File Upload 4 exercises

File Upload Functionality


00:00 Thank you so much Kelly the co-worker for doing a bunch of work for us. She's added some stuff to the edit page of our notes so that we can easily add file upload. So that's what your job is and when you're all done it should look something like this.

00:15 So you should render a default image to make it so people can add their image themselves. We can add some cute koala here and we say cute koala illustration by Midjourney. Thank you Midjourney. Then we'll hit submit and that will show up on our note page.

00:34 So we are going to upload some files and it's going to be amazing. You're going to love it and there are just a couple of things that you need to know about in getting ready for this and that's how Remix handles file uploads with the Create Memory Upload Handler and the Parse Multipart Form Data and all of that stuff.

00:53 Which is currently unstable but very soon should be stabilized. So you're going to be working on that a little bit and we also want to make sure that people aren't uploading files that are too big so you're going to be doing some of that. And for this step we're going to actually kind of ignore, just do a little hand waviness on the TypeScript stuff.

01:12 We're going to deal with that later as well. So have a good time working on this and we'll see you when you're done.