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Multiple Image Uploading


00:00 Kelly, the coworker, added some error validation and stuff for us. So thank you, Kelly. We are going to now change our schema to support an array of images rather than just a single image. Once you're done, it will actually behave exactly the same as it does now because we're not actually going to add the add and remove buttons yet.

00:18 But this is just like one more step until we get to actually being able to add multiple images, which would be really nice. So that is your task for this step is to change the You're going to change the schema. You're going to update a little bit in our action, and then you're going to be making a change to our image chooser

00:38 and as well as our main edit component so that we render multiple image choosers. So the image chooser that stays the same, but we're going to be able to render multiple of those. And then in the next step, we can actually add add and remove buttons so that we can control how many image choosers we're rendering. So like I said, by the end of this one,

00:58 it's going to be exactly the same as it was before, but we'll be ready to enhance this so that the user experience actually improves dramatically because they can add multiple images. So get this done and then we'll be ready for the next one.