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Grouping and Managing Related Fields in Form Objects


00:00 Pretty often, you want to be able to group related fields together as part of an object, especially once we add support for multiple image uploads, we want to be able to group all of the properties for each individual image in their own little object.

00:16 And so it would be really nice to take these three properties and put them as a sub-object of image, and then they're going to each be a part of that. But we need to make Zod happy with that, and then we need to make our form work with that as well.

00:31 There's some unique and interesting challenges with this, though, because of the nature of forms and things. So we're going to have to deal with some of those things. I think that you'll do a great job, and we've got some really awesome tools to make that happen. So let's make it happen. See you when you're done.