Current section: Accessibility 5 exercises

Fixing Form Reset Button and Accessibility Issues


00:00 When we first made this form, we had this reset button that worked great, but that reset button is not working anymore. So, we've got some form association that has been broken there that you need to fix. We also have a bit of an accessibility problem here.

00:15 If I click on the title or click on the content, those are labels, and when you have a label that's properly associated, then clicking on that label will focus the input that it's associated to, but that's not happening.

00:29 That's just evidence of another problem that we have, and that is if I turn on my screen reader, then you'll notice as I navigate around, this is going to read to me what relevant things there are to have said to me as I'm navigating around.

00:47 You'll notice when I hover or focus in the title, it's not telling me what field I'm focused on, and that, again, is because we are not focusing on the field or associating the field with its label.

01:02 That is a problem. We need to fix these accessibility bugs, and that is your job. So, get that done, and we'll see you when you're done.