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Customizing Meta Tags with Dynamic Data


00:00 It's very common to want to use some dynamic data in your meta export. Here's what we have so far, we just say profile, this is just hard-coded for this route. But in the solution, we have the user's name. If you take a look at the head for the solution, we have Kodi and then the vertical bar, Epic Notes, and then the description will say,

00:18 profile of Kodi on Epic Notes. We want to be able to customize this based on the data for the page. We can use this later on if you want to go further beyond this exercise by adding some specific data to these routes as well.

00:34 So like, have it render the title of the note as well as some of the contents of the note for the description. And maybe the number of, like on this route right here, we can render the number of notes that the user has as well as the user's name and things like that.

00:52 So there are definitely situations where we want to use the data that we have on the page to give our title and our description a little bit more information. And so that's your task for this exercise. In the next exercise, we're going to expand on this even further. And so like, there's a couple of challenges with what I described here that we're going to deal with in the next section,

01:12 or next part of the exercise. But yeah, for now, just focus on the profile page and then to get some of that dynamic data, and then we'll move on from there. So see you when you're done.