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Configuring Meta Tags


00:00 You may have noticed by now that our title is pretty awful and there are a number of other things that we need to configure about our web page so that things the browser behaves properly as we need for our application. So for this first step of this exercise

00:19 I want you to add some meta tags to the head so that we can configure our website to look nice Especially the title what a what a garbage thing there. No, you don't want that Especially when once you go to like slashes, they just like stick the URL in there. No, that's not what we want We wanted to say epic notes for this first step. We just are going to do the

00:39 Like bare minimum for some meta tags in our head But then we're going to add some additional stuff on a per route basis as well So let's do those meta tags first and we'll see you when you're done