Current section: Routing 6 exercises

Adding Navigation Links


00:00 As a user, it would be kind of nice to be able to navigate around this rather than having to update the URL all over the place. So I want to make the link for like where the logo is at. I want that to send people back to the home page. That's a pretty common practice. Also the one in the footer.

00:15 And then I want to have a link that will take me back to the user's profile page. So this, we need a link that will take us back here. And then on this page, we need a link that takes us to the notes page. And then on here, I want to have a link that opens up some note ID that we created as well.

00:35 So I want to have links for all of these things. That's your job. There's one special interesting thing that you're going to face in here, but the instructions should explain exactly what you're supposed to be doing. And then when you're all done with that, I can show you how I did it. See you in a bit.