Current section: Routing 6 exercises

Adding Dynamic Parameter Support


00:00 So we have more users than just the one Kodi user and our users are each going to have more than just the some note ID. They're going to have a bunch of different notes and so hard coding Kodi and some note ID right here is not really going to work out. And so your job is to make those things

00:18 dynamic. And so when you're all finished you should be able to go to any username here and then also some note ID will still work but you should be able to go to some other note ID and that should also display. You'll also notice that this says back to Peter instead of back to

00:35 Kodi. This says the note ID itself and if we go back to Peter then this says the username as well. And so you will not only be making the parameters dynamic but also you will be accessing those

00:51 parameters to render that in the UI. Have a good time with that we'll see you when you're done.