Current section: Mutations 7 exercises

Building Forms


00:00 So Kelly, our co-worker, did some more work for us. She's so great. And what she did was add this bar down here with a non-functional delete button, which you will be responsible for implementing later, and this edit button, which takes you to this page. This is the solution. Your job is to make it look like this.

00:19 You won't be able to submit the form. If you try, it'll just blow up. But you should create this form just to get things going here. For where you're starting, we just render out the data. And so you should take this data and load it into the form that you're going to create.

00:37 So just using regular HTML form stuff, I want you to create this form. And then in the next step, we're actually going to start making it functional and submittable. So give that a shot, and we'll see you when you're done.