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Loading Data to Your Database


00:00 So Kelly, the coworker, has been at work again. And now we have a nicer designed page here, which is nice. But we have some work to do. We want to actually load the data right here for all of the user's notes and load the actual note content itself. And the final version looks something like this.

00:19 So that is a much nicer look. And it is doing exactly what we want it to do. Where this data comes from is a mock database implementation we'll get to database stuff in another workshop. If you want to, you can look at db.server, which is in the utils.

00:36 And all of the data is just hard-coded in here using a really cool utility from MSW data. It's pretty great. But again, we're going to be using a real database in the future. So this, you don't need to worry too much about it. If your database ever gets out of whack, you just stop the server, start it up again,

00:56 and you should have a fresh database. So your job is using this DB to actually load the data that you need. Now, because this isn't actually something that I care for you to learn specifically about how this database works, we're

01:13 going to give you a lot of code that you can just use and move on with your life. Because I want you focused on the loader and how to get the data from the loader into our UI. So your job will be working with the loader primarily. And ultimately, you'll get this UI looking the way that we want it to.

01:33 So take a look at this exercise, and we'll see you when you're done.