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Connecting to a Real Database with Prisma and SQLite


00:00 we're finally able to actually start working in our app again. So we still have our in-memory database. That's like still a thing that's happening here. But now we can actually start working with the real data in our database that we've just created with SQLite. So we are going to be migrating over time.

00:19 It's going to be kind of funny, but we want to start with creating our Prisma client so that we can start interacting with that database. So you're going to be working in the DB server file. You'll leave the stuff that we have for our in-memory database in there, but you're going to add our database connection with Prisma in there.

00:39 There's some kind of funny things that we have to do because the hot module replacement stuff, how that works on the server, we'll use that Singleton module that works exactly the same as our in-memory database as well. So you can reference that. And yeah, let's go ahead and get that done so that we can start loading actual data

00:56 from our actual database in our actual app.