Current section: Database Schema 3 exercises

Setting Up the Database with Prisma


00:00 Let's get our database set up with prisma. We're going to be running a couple prisma scripts to get things going to Initialize our schema, and then we're going to add a couple things to our schema So there's most of this is going to be new files that we're creating and stuff So you're going to want to follow the instructions that kind of outlies

00:18 Outlays the files that you're going to be creating and the scripts that you're going to be running we're actually not going to be pulling up the Application for a little while until we get everything all Situated with our database and then typescript is happy and then once we get all that then we can start pulling up the app But yeah for this first one you're going to just run a couple scripts

00:38 Open it create a couple files, and we'll see you when you're done