Two Factor Auth is Included in the Epic Stack

Kent C. Dodds
Kent C. Dodds

More and more people are finding adding additional layers of security for their applications is a must. Two factor authentication is a standard security measure for applications to help users be more secure when logging into your application or when performing important or destructive operations. That said, it's nontrivial to build. So it's included by default in the Epic Stack! Check out the user workflow for this feature that's increasingly becoming table stakes for modern web applications.


Kent Dodds: 0:00 The Epic Stack now has two-factor authentication built in. If you create a brand-new Epic Stack project and then go login, we have a seed script that creates a user called, Kody. I'll log in as Kody, Kody loves you.

0:13 Login and now if we go to Kody's profile and go to edit profile, we can click on Enable 2FA, two-factor authentication. Here we can read about what that is all about. We click on Enable 2FA and now it's going to give us the QR code, it gives us the long passcode that you would expect. Of course, this will be your domain name, it won't be local host, all of that.

0:37 Here, I've got one password. I'm going to edit this and we'll add a one-time password. With this I can actually just click this to scan the QR code that's on the screen. We'll save that and now I've got a one-time password. I'll copy that and paste it right here, hit confirm and now we have two-factor authentication enabled.

0:58 Now, if I come out of my user account and log in again, Kody and Kody loves you, it's going to ask me for my two-factor authentication code. Awesome! I'll copy that, paste it over here, confirm and I'm allowed in. Then of course we can always disable it if we decide we don't want to have two-factor authentication anymore.

1:20 All of this entire workflow is completely tested with an end-to-end test. As you work on the Epic Stack and add features and things, you can know that you're not going to be breaking this important workflow for a super secure Epic Web Application. Hope that helps! See ya!

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