Dear Boss,

We've been working diligently to create high-quality, performant applications that scale to the needs of our users. This is challenging to accomplish on a team of our size and with team members that have various backgrounds, context, and understanding of how to build web applications and get the most out of the web platform.

The web platform is huge. There are lots of topics to understand. There are countless ways to build web applications. And while we can definitely each have our own area of expertise, it can be challenging to collaborate effectively because we sometimes feel like we're speaking a different language.

As a team, being as effective as possible and bringing ever increasing value to our users and the business gives us great satisfaction. Getting aligned on all the pieces required to build our application will help use increase that value more efficiently free of confusion and delay. At the end of the day, this will make it so we can deliver excellent user experiences and ultimately make it so we can push the mission of the company forward.

That's our job!

That's why we are asking for licenses to

Epic Web is a comprehensive series of self-paced workshops created by an industry expert developer and trainer Kent C. Dodds. Every self-paced workshop is based on multiple live workshops he's used to upskill countless developer teams like us all over the world.

By using Epic Web, the team will be able to have common shared knowledge about how to build web applications with modern best practices, which we know will save the business money, increase revenue, and bring our users a more delightful experience using our application.

Kent C. Dodds has taught hundreds of thousands of people how to effectively build web apps just like our own and has contributed inestimable value to our industry. In fact, we're using libraries he's created and contributed to every day.

We really need this. You need this.

If you'd like to support our skills and knowledge as developers to increase the quality of the applications we write for you and our users, please click here to visit Epic Web and purchase a license for us:

We are happy to answer any questions you may have. We'd love to talk about this more. If you are ready, as we are, we look forward to receiving our link to start Epic Web as soon as possible.


— your team